3 Ways To Streamline Your Direct Mail Campaign

While digital marketing may be all the rage, there are still valuable reasons to incorporate direct mail into your marketing efforts. Sending letters, postcards, or information packets in the mail helps you reach prospective or existing customers who may not spend much time on social media. Direct mail also provides customers with a tangible item that helps make your brand more familiar and recognizable to them. There is also no reason for direct mail campaigns to be time-consuming as long as you follow these three tips:

Buy a Folder Inserter

A folder inserter is a remarkable machine that stuffs all of your envelopes for you, saving you countless hours and seriously streamlining your direct mail process. You can program the folder inserter to fold inserts, include a specific set of inserts in your envelope in a specific order, and carefully and neatly seal the envelopes. You will not only get your time back to focus on other aspects of your business, but your customers and prospects will receive very professional and organized direct mail advertising, reflecting positively on your brand.

Focus on a Target Audience

More is not always merrier when it comes to direct mail. Taking the time to create targeted and tailored mailing lists will prevent waste and unnecessary expense sending direct mail to people who are unlikely to ever use your product or services. For example, if you own a roofing company, you should only be sending direct mail to prospects who own their own homes, and avoiding people who live in apartments or rent.

If you know that specific age brackets and other demographics are more likely to become customers, it's smart to target these specific prospects instead of spending tons of time and money sending mailed marketing materials to everyone.

Streamline Your Postage

Using an online postage service allows you to buy postage for all of your direct mailers in bulk and lets you skip the trips to the post office. Online postage services offer other benefits, including calculating the best rate for a specific direct mail campaign, allowing you to quickly print all of your stamps or postage in one big batch, and even providing "hidden" postage that does not detract from the design and look of your direct mail marketing products.

Direct mail campaigns can be very effective, and by following these tips they can also be efficient instead of time-consuming and cumbersome.

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