How To Show Your Receptionist Some Respect And Appreciation

Receptionists often have a tough job. They have to greet people cheerfully, even though they may be having a bad day. They have to type and file tons of documents and still keep an extremely neat work area. In fact, they do a lot of the heavy work around the office. If you want to show your receptionist some appreciation and respect, here are some things you can do.

Fresh Receptionist Desks

Buying an new desk for your receptionist does two things at once. First, it shows your receptionist that you respect him/her and appreciate all of his/her hard work. Second, it adds to a much more impressive first impression for any client or customer that walks through your office door. If you buy a new desk for your receptionist, make sure it is attractive, functional, and has plenty of room for your receptionist to work. For more information, contact a business such as D&R Office Works, Inc.

An Ergonomic or Back Support Chair

Receptionists do A LOT of sitting. It is just the nature of their jobs. Over time, the sitting can get quite uncomfortable and even cause physical discomfort. Buy an ergonomic office chair or a chair that promises proper support of the back. It will make your receptionist feel better physically and emotionally.

Buy Speak Translation Software

Carpal tunnel syndrome affects almost everyone who has to sit and type all day. Most receptionists eventually develop carpal tunnel syndrome. Save your receptionist's wrists by buying and installing speak translation software. He or she will really appreciate the fact that he/she does not have to work the fingers, hands, and wrists into disability and can just speak everything to the computer to be typed.

Buy a Phone Headset to Double Work Efficiency

If your receptionist still has to answer phones the old-fashioned way, he or she might feel frustrated or overwhelmed by the work load and breaking to answer phones. If you buy a phone headset for your receptionist, then he/she will feel a little less stressed because he/she can answer phones at the same time that he/she is working on something else. After all, multi-tasking is practically what receptionists do all day, and they generally like to be as efficient as possible with everything they do in a day.

Longer Lunches

Finally, besides buying a lot of furniture and equipment to help make your receptionist's job easier, consider giving him/her a longer lunch once in a while. He/she will appreciate it, since he/she probably has lots of other tasks outside of the office to complete. An hour to two hours once in a while is nice.

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