Top Advantages Of Offering Loose Diamonds In Your Jewelry Store

From the excitement of offering those special pieces for momentous life occasions to just having a store full of shimmer, there are all kinds of reasons owning your own jewelry store is such a charming thing. You will have a lot of fun picking out pieces and helping customers obtain custom pieces that they truly need for their loved one. While filling up your jewelry store showcases and making product additions, don't forget that you can also offer a fine selection of loose gemstones, specifically diamonds. But why would you want loose diamonds for sell in your jewelry store? There are actually a few reasons why this is a highly advantageous business move on your part:

Give customers the option of pairing the right diamond with the right jewelry piece. 

When customers have the option of picking the diamond they want as well as the jewelry setting they want, it opens up an entirely new world of custom jewelry piece opportunities. For example, normally you would only have rings available with certain diamond cuts, so the choices are limited. However, if someone wants to pick a diamond first and then pair it with a certain ring style, it can be done if you have loose diamonds available. 

Give customers the option of buying solely the diamond from you. 

If a customer comes in with a piece of jewelry that needs a stone setting, you would normally have to order a stone from a third-party retailer, which will just lengthen the wait time for the piece to be finished. If you have diamonds on hand already, a customer can easily buy just the stone from you and have it put into their own piece of jewelry. Or, if they have an alternative jewelry retailer with a particular piece, they can pick up the diamond from you and take it to that jewelry for completion. This is an easy way to add an extra level of service in the store. 

Avoid the possibility of investment loss with loose diamonds. 

When you are stocking your store inventory with new merchandise, you never really know which items are going to sell and which ones will end up staying in the store for many months. With loose diamonds, it would be rare for them not to be used or purchased by a customer. Plus, it would be fairly easy to resell the loose diamonds back to the distributor or through another platform if they did not sell in the store.

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