Looking For Work? How To Turn A Temp Job Into A Full-Time Job

With so many people out of work right now, many are turning to temp agencies to secure work. When you're unemployed, temporary work is better than no work at all. What some people have found is that temporary work can often lead to full-time employment, especially when they played their cards right. If you're looking for temporary work, and you're hoping to turn it into a full-time job opportunity, you need to take matters into your own hands right from the start. In this job market, there's no room for mistakes. Here are three simple steps you can take right now, to turn your temp job into a full-time job.

Choose the Right Temp Agency

When looking for temporary work, it's important to choose the right temp agency. There are a lot of agencies out there to choose from. However, not all of them will help you secure the full-time work you're hoping for. Before signing with a temp agency, ask them about their success rate, specifically in turning temp work to full-time work. Talk to some of the other people who are using those services. Discussing potential full-time opportunities in advance is a good way to find a temp agency that will suit your needs, and theirs.

Gear Your Resume Towards Temp Jobs

When employers reach out to temp agencies, they're looking for a way to fill an immediate-need position. They're not necessarily looking for someone who may become their future full-time employee. To secure work as a temp, your resume needs to reflect your understanding of the employers needs. Instead of handing them your resume that you use when seeking career opportunities, fine-tune it to highlight your specific skills. For instance, highlight management teams you've been on, or training seminars you've developed. If you're looking for temporary work in the construction field, highlight your work as a site foreman. Give them a brief, but detail-oriented look at why they need you as a temp.

Use Your Temp Time to Secure Full Time

If you're determined to turn your temp work into full-time work, act like a full-time employee from your first day on the job. Use your time as a temp to learn new skills, and perfect the ones you already have. Be willing to step up to the plate for any, and all, assignments. You may not turn your first temp job into a full-time job, but the experience you receive will bring you one step closer to that new job.

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