Peptide Options For Improving Healing And Easing Injury Pain

With sports injuries running rampant, people have been looking for all kinds of solutions to deal with the pain and speed up recovery. The peptide market has opened up a wide range of possibilities for this, with many different peptides available to help with inflammation, pain, and restorative growth encouragement. Here are a few of the peptides available on the market that can help you address that torn muscle or tendon injury.


Although controversial for its potential of increasing cancer risk, HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is well known for reducing recovery times from various injuries. It's primarily used to treat muscle tears and other muscle injuries, especially in shoulders, but can be used in some situations to treat tendon injuries, too.


While HGH is commonly used on its own, Tb-500 can be used by itself or in conjunction with HGH and other peptides to help ease inflammation. It's often used immediately following an injury to help keep the inflammation at bay, and then used in conjunction with other peptides to speed healing and manage pain. Tb-500 is popular for knees, shoulders, and a variety of tendon injuries. Since it doesn't actually increase the rate of healing, you'll still need to rest the injured area for 8 to 12 weeks, or for however long your doctor recommends. Add a peptide to speed healing, and you can typically reduce that time by a few weeks.

BPC 157

One of the most versatile peptides for healing, BPC 157 is a great solution for encouraging regrowth. It's been shown to even facilitate the regrowth of tendons in some testing environments. Just keep in mind that you will need to take it easy even with this type of peptide, because tendon injuries are significant and need to be favored a little bit when you're healing. Avoid putting your injured body parts under excess strain, or lifting weights when you're recovering.


Ipamorelin is a healing peptide. It encourages the release of growth hormone, which will speed the rate of healing for tissue injuries. The good thing about this type of peptide, though, is that it encourages growth across the board, which leads to additional muscle growth. If you're looking to restore your muscle mass, this is a great option to consider.

Talk with a local peptide supplier or research peptide service today for more information on how to buy research peptides to help with your recovery.

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