How To Advertise Your New Business

Have you finally accomplished your dream of owning your own business? Perhaps you have opened a small boutique, a restaurant, or a small stationery shop. Now you are probably focused on how to grow your clientele so that you can make money. If that is the case, from passing out balloons to ordering promotional rulers, here are some ideas on how to advertise your new business:

Have  A Plan In Mind - Think of all the ways you can reach people in your area.

  • Are there other businesses close to yours? Introduce yourself to those who work there and tell them about your business. Leave your business cards with those you talk to.
  • Are any of your friends willing to lend a hand? If so, think about asking them to help you pass out things like promotional rulers that have the name of your business on them.
  • Have an open house before you even open for business. Give out little bags with tiny gifts in them. For example, the gift bags could include a tiny tin of candy, a custom ruler and a coupon that offers a discount on the first visit to your place of business.

Promotional Advertising - There are so many choices that you might have trouble just selecting one way to advertise your business.

  • For example, think about buying pens with your business name and logo on them. Carry extra pens so you can give them to people you meet along the way.
  • Promotional rulers are a great idea, too. After all, who doesn't use rulers? Choose magnetic custom rulers that have the name of your business on them and words like We'll stick by you to give you great service! Or select flexible plastic rulers with the name of your business and words like We'll bend over backward to please you!
  • Of course, there are also flyers you can pass out that tell about your business.  Again, offer a discount for first time service as part of the design of the flyer.

Even after you open for business, keep promotional gifts ready to give customers. As the Christmas holidays draw closer, think of tying a red ribbon around things like promotional rulers and add a message like Don't forget your Christmas discount! Promotional rulers are a great little gift because they're super affordable and they won't take up much space in your supply area. Even more important, the recipients of the rulers will remember your business every time they reach for a ruler.

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