Small Business Saturday: Ways To Help With Quick Transactions

Small business Saturday takes place the day after Black Friday and is often a great shopping day during Thanksgiving weekend. If you own a small business, you can expect a lot more customers to fill up your store on these days. To help deal with the crowds, you want to ensure the checkout process is as quick as possible. There are multiple ways to help with this and cutting down little bits of time can make a huge difference as you try to get customer purchases done as quick as possible.

Credit Card Receipt Rolls

Printing out receipts is important for guests to have and keep track of. When you have a bigger number of people coming to your store, you will likely be going through a lot more receipt paper. This is why it's a good idea to stock up on credit card receipt rolls. By having all the paper you need, the receipt process will be easy and painless. If you were to run out of receipts, it would create a lot of delays and likely turn customers away.

Credit Card Paper Dispenser

Along with purchasing the extra receipt rolls, it's a good idea to have a place to organize them. A credit card paper dispenser can be mounted to a wall or placed near the side of the cash register. The dispenser makes it easy to grab a new roll when you've run out of receipt paper. There's no need to go digging through drawers or boxes looking for the stored rolls. An opening on the side of these dispensers also makes it easy to see how many are left. If you have multiple cash registers, then one of the dispensers can be placed at each register. This can ensure you have plenty of stock available for the increased business on Small Business Saturday.

Wireless Transactions

Cashing people out at your business is easier than ever thanks to wireless transactions. Using tablets, phones, and small computers, you can cash out multiple people without the need to always go back to the main register. Thanks to Bluetooth printing technology, once the transaction is complete, the receipt can come out directly on credit card receipt paper. You also have the option of customizing the receipts to help incorporate your store branding. This includes your website, coupons, or your store logo.

Planning all of this out in the weeks leading up to Small Business Saturday will help the whole day go a lot smoother. Contact a company like Rolo Industries, Inc for more information and assistance. 

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