Choosing Water Delivery For Your Home

If you live in an are that is on a public water system, the water that comes into your home may be heavily chlorinated to keep the water free of bacteria and other contaminants. While the water is clean, it often doesn't taste very good and the consumption of high levels of chlorinated water has been discouraged from medical professionals. For people who drink a lot of water, there may be other options you want to consider for your drinking water.

Water Coolers

If you are one of the many people that drink large amounts of water every day, you may want to consider getting bottled water and a dispenser or cooler for your home. You can buy the coolers pretty reasonable or lease one if you are planning to have a water company, such as Olympic Springs Bottled Water, deliver your water. Some water coolers also offer hot water dispensing so you can use that good quality water for your coffee, tea, or even for quick meals like noodles in a cup or soup mixes. You will have to decide what you want or need in a dispenser or cooler but before you buy one, check with the company that will be providing the water bottles to ensure they are compatible.

Choosing A Water Delivery Company

When you are ready to start considering water delivery companies, there are several things to consider. The price per month or per bottle is important to find out what it will cost first thing. You also need to find out how often they deliver and how many bottles they will leave off at a time. There might be a limit or they might just bill you for however many you use in a month. If you start with 4 bottles but only use 3 for the month, the driver will adjust your invoice to three for that month in most cases. Ask up front so you are clear about how that works.

Where Does The Water Come From?

When you are getting closer to choosing a bottling company, don't be afraid to ask where their water comes from. Most of the time they will tell you and if they won't, you don't have to use their service. Some small companies will buy their water through a larger bottler but they should be willing to tell you that when you ask. Often bottled water comes from natural springs will little to no filtration but they still have to monitor the water for bacteria or contaminants that would make it not safe to use.

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