Three Reasons For Hiring An Aeiral Photographer To Scout Out A Large Piece Of Remote Property

Aerial imagery acquisition services simply refers to aerial photography of just about anything you want an aerial photo of. For example, say that you were interested in a large piece of undeveloped real estate. It is somewhat remote, and the description of the property does not have the same effect as being able to see it. Hiring an aerial photographer to get pictures of this piece of property prior to driving to the property and trekking through a lot of empty, wild country really helps you decide if the property is worth seeing in person. Here are some more good reasons for acquiring an aerial image of said property.

​You Can See Special Geographic Features Not Mentioned in the Real Estate Description

​Sometimes a real estate description just does not hit all of the high notes. An aerial view of this property can reveal where trees are thickest and sparsest on the property, where there is a body of water running through or bordering the property, and rocky areas where it may be difficult to excavate. Getting aerial images can also help surveyors determine some things on sight about this piece of property in which you are interested, like where a water well can effectively be dug or whether or not there may be oil on the property. (Some surveyors are hired with this express interest in mind, and you may want to know from several aerial views and a surveyor's visual expertise if this property is even worth considering.)

You Can Get an Idea of the Size of the Plot

​Regardless of how many acres or feet a property is, nothing really prepares you for its specified size until you have an aerial view of it. Sixty-five acres might not seem like a lot until you have an overhead view of everything that that sixty-five acres covers. Likewise, square footage of a property stating "depth" is just words until you see an aerial view and the property boundaries in relation to adjacent plots. Then it becomes very clear. 

​It Is Fun to Get "Before" and "After" Photos

If you get an aerial shot of this remote property now, it becomes your "before" photo after you buy the property and choose to develop it. After you have fully developed the property initially, you can take another aerial photo and this becomes your "after" shot. Blow both of them up, professionally frame them, and you can hang them in the lobby/reception area of your company, business, plant, etc.

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