Just Got Dental Implants? 4 Ways To Care For Your Teeth

You get dental implants when one of your teeth must be removed because it is not in good shape anymore. A dental implant is a fake tooth that is screwed into your jaw so that it will function and look like a real tooth for all intents and purposes. When it comes to taking care of a dental implant, there are a few things that you need to know.

Keep Brushing Regularly

You need to keep brushing regularly and brush the area where you have the dental implant just like you would any other area of your mouth. It is best to use a soft brush to brush your dental implant; a hard brush doesn't really give you a better cleaning. With a soft brush, the bristles are soft enough that they can gently work around all the parts of your implant. When you brush your teeth, try to brush for at least two to three minutes to really remove the built-up plaque in your mouth.

Floss Everyday

It is so important to floss every day. You should be taking the time to floss every morning or evening on a regular basis. Flossing helps get rid of the food and the plaque that gets stuck in between your teeth. Flossing daily will help keep the area around your implant clean and can put you on the road to not getting any more cavities as well. You want to protect your teeth so that you don't have the need for any more dental implants.

Stay Away from Hard Foods

Next, you are going to want to stay away from hard foods. Foods that are hard or really sticky are not good for your teeth in general and are even worse when you have dental implants. Hard and sticky foods can pull on your dental implant and can make the structure of your dental implant weaker. If you enjoy some hard or sticky foods, chew them on the other side of your mouth to avoid damage to your dental implant. Really though, if you can avoid this type of food, you will be doing your mouth a real favor.

Stay Away from Alcohol

Although your dental implant may feel okay after a week or so, the truth is that it takes your mouth about six months to fully heal. For your dental implant to fully heal, your mouth needs to be getting the right blood supply to your gums. Both smoking and drinking alcohol impact that blood supply and are not good for the overall health of your mouth. When you have a dental implant, smoking and drinking can impact the overall health of your mouth.

If you just had a dental implant installed in your mouth, keep brushing and flossing on a regular basis. Stay away from hard foods, sticky foods, smoking, and alcohol while your mouth heals. Always remember to visit your dentist on a regular basis.

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