Until You're Released: Staying Safe In Jail

Being arrested comes as an unpleasant and shocking surprise to most people. While attaining a release from jail is first and foremost in a defendant's thoughts, even those granted bail may have to wait in jail for a day or so. You may feel out of control, guilty, embarrassed, and a range of other feelings while you wait to be released, but keeping yourself safe in jail is possible. Read on to find out and how to be released in the most inexpensive manner you can and how to stay safe in jail.

Awaiting Bail

Bail is usually the only way to be released after an arrest. Some can be released, however, on what is referred to as " on their own recognizance." If the details of your arrest meet the guidelines, you will find out about it at the arraignment or a bail hearing. You should be warned, however, that bail is often too high for most to afford. Bail is based on the criminal record of the accused, the crime charged, and local customs. If you are unable to post bail, you must remain in jail until you do so or until your case is fully resolved. This can take months, unfortunately.

Getting Bailed Out

Defendants are usually allowed to make at least one phone call to arrange for bail and they often call a loved one or a friend. If the defendant has enough funds with them at the time of the arrest, they may be able to bail themselves out. In most cases, bail is arranged using a third party. Bail bonding companies work closely with the jail and court system to take a form of custody over the defendant once they are released. In return, a loved one pays the bonding agent a percentage of the bail. The bail bond is a non-refundable payment that the bonding agent keeps in return for guaranteeing that the defendant will meet all bail conditions – namely that they will show up for upcoming court dates.

Staying Safe

While you wait, be sure to keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Try to stay calm so you don't make matters worse for yourself. Being aggressive against law enforcement, jail personnel, and other inmates won't win you any benefits while incarcerated.
  2. When dealing with other inmates, avoid speaking to them or making eye contact. It doesn't take much to spark contention in such an environment.
  3. You have the right to speak only with legal counsel present. You cannot be forced to say anything other than your (real) name and birth date.
  4. Use your phone call wisely and phone a bail bonding agent. They will phone your loved ones or friends and assist you in attaining a release.

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Being arrested comes as an unpleasant and shocking surprise to most people. While attaining a release from jail is first and foremost in a defendant's

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