Helpful Advice When Making Tie Dye Apparel

Tie-dye apparel is pretty unique in that it features many vibrant colors and patterns. Even still today, people wear it for fun and to make statements. If you are looking to make your own tie-dye apparel and have success, keep these tips in mind. 

Select Appropriate Fabric

How your tie-dye apparel comes out depends a lot on the fabrics you use. It is important to be strategic with your selection so that you do not ruin the fabrics and then have to start over. There are many options, but all-natural fabrics tend to work best and hold the most amount of dye.

These fabrics include linen, hemp, cotton, and ramie. If you are having a hard time finding 100% natural fabrics, then a 90/10 mix of the previously mentioned fabrics and something else can suffice. Just try your best to avoid 50/50 blends because they often will not take.

Invest in Protective Gear

So that this tie-dying process is completely safe and goes smoothly all the way through, you will need to wear the appropriate protective gear. Start with looking for a good respirator mask. Having it on will prevent you from inhaling any potent chemicals throughout this process.

You will also need some disposable gloves as tie-dying apparel can get a little messy. You also might consider getting a protective poncho or tarp that you use to cover your upper and lower body. This way, your clothes are completely protected, and you do not have to be as apprehensive when working with the dyes.

Think About Colors and Designs

If you really want to be happy with the results of your tie-dye apparel, then take some time to research colors and designs. It will give you the chance to see what works together, and then you will know what direction to take from the very beginning.

In terms of colors, it is often recommended to choose colors that compliment each other. These might include blue and green or red and yellow. In terms of designs, there are many options like spiral, circles, bullseyes, and stripes. Try choosing colors and designs that suit your visual preferences the most. 

Tie-dying clothing apparel is great if you are looking for something fun to do and also create unique clothes that will stand out. Even if you have never done this activity before, you can have success by being strategic with your material, color, and design choices.

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