Use Managed Print Services to Make Improvements Within Your Business

Printers that are hooked up separately and located in various parts of your office building can lead to confusion, if toner or inkjets weren't ordered in time or if an employee doesn't have access to one of the printers and needs to print documents immediately. Temporary setbacks concerning printed items could disrupt the normal workflow or make an employee's job more difficult than need be. Use managed print services to learn more about staying on top of your corporate printing needs.

One System and Routine Maintenance

Each printer can be hooked up to a central monitoring system, which will allow you to determine when printing materials need to be replenished, will give you an estimate on how many documents are printed or scanned each day, and will alert you to any electrical or internal malfunctions, which have resulted in a machine failing to operate.

When you sign up for managed print services, all of the printers, scanners, fax machines, and combination units will be assessed. If you and your employees are using old equipment that sometimes doesn't print documents well, you could be wasting electricity, toner, ink, and paper, due to multiple printing projects being executed when only one copy would need to be printed under normal circumstances.

Your managed print overseer will recommend investing in new equipment if older units aren't performing properly and they may even suggest that you condense your printing needs, by using fewer machines as a whole.

Designated Print Times and a Reduced Carbon Footprint

Do your secretaries and colleagues often disappear from their respective offices for long stints, due to needing to print some essential documents? Maybe the printers are in high demand and many people are required to wait their turn or perhaps, some lengthy documents are being printed that aren't essential.

With managed print services, your employees' actions will be considered and a new schedule will be presented to you, which will cut down on daily disruptions and will ensure that your employees remain seated in their assigned work areas. for the majority of each workday. Designated print times will provide your employees with a set timeframe to complete printing projects.

Additionally, if some of your employees have been printing extensively and you have determined that some of the items printed aren't integral to your company's needs, you can request that some printing projects are omitted or you can request that people report to you, prior to using a printer. With less printer usage, you will be able to effectively reduce your company's carbon footprint.

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