2 Reasons Why You Should Have The Asbestos Insulation In Your Commercial Building Removed Immediately

When you own an older commercial building, you may know that your walls, ceilings, and floors most likely have asbestos insulation. Since asbestos is only harmful once it is disturbed, you may have opted to leave it alone. However, there are a couple of instances that warrant its immediate removal, especially when something has or will happen that will break down the asbestos, releasing its fibers into the building's air.

1.  You Have Plans for Extensive Renovations of the Building

One reason why you should have the asbestos insulation removed from your commercial building as soon as possible is that you have plans for extensive renovations. Any plans to break into the walls, replace the floors, or renovate the ceilings are cause for its removal.

If you simply start busting into the structures, the insulation will start releasing fibers into the air. Even if you block off the rooms as you work inside of them, these fibers can infiltrate your heating and air conditioning system, causing their spread throughout the building.

Before you start renovating, you will need to have a removal service deal with the insulation. They have equipment that can dampen the asbestos so that its fibers do not spread so easily, and they have ventilation machines that help to trap anything that escapes.

2.  Your Building Has Suffered Damage or Flooding

Another instance when you should have a service remove the asbestos in your business's building is when there has been any damage or flooding that has affected its basic structures. If something has happened that has caused the walls to break, the asbestos has more than likely already being released into the air and needs to be dealt with immediately.

If your building has flooded, the asbestos may not pose an immediate threat, but it will in the near future. Because the insulation will not dry out quickly, the dampness will cause it to deteriorate. As it deteriorates, the fibers will break free and could make their way into the ventilation system.

If you have plans to disturb the insulation because of renovations, or you fear that the asbestos has been damaged, you should consider having it removed as soon as possible to avoid exposing your employees, clients, and/or customers to the health risks associated with asbestos. Contact a business that offers asbestos removal services near you to discuss your options for having the hazardous material safely removed.

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