Taking A Beach Vacation? 2 Activities You Can Do With Your Family

If you are taking a beach vacation with your family, there are many things you can do besides swimming, laying in the sun, etc. Doing extra things can make your vacation memorable for everyone. Below are two activities you should consider. 


Going surfing is exciting and a great activity if your children are old enough. If you have never been surfing before, you can take surfing lessons while you are at the beach.  You will likely not need a surfboard as the company will provide one for you to use. 

Training generally starts outside of the water on the beach. The instructor teaches basic moves that you need to know as well as some techniques. You are taught how to paddle out and then stand up on your surfboard. After this, you will be taken out to the ocean to surf. The instructor will have you start out with small waves until you feel more comfortable trying larger ones.

There is some gear you will need to bring with you. You should wear a rash guard at the beginning, which is a shirt with long sleeves and made of polyester, nylon, or spandex. This will protect you from getting a rash. It also protects the skin on your abdomen. Talk with the surf training company you are going to use and ask if they provide these things for you. If so, they will also likely give you some leggings and booties to wear.   

Water Skiing

You may not think of water skiing while at the ocean, but you can do this. If you choose this, you can likely find a trainer in the area to help you if you have never water skied before. You will always go when there is a low tide, and the waves are low.  

If you decide to go to a training class, you will be provided with a pair of skis. The instructor will make sure the skis fit you correctly. It can be helpful if you have skied on a lake before, but this is not mandatory. The ski instructor will have the boat and start you out very small in the beginning. They will teach you how to stand on the skis correctly, how to hold your legs, etc. Water skiing can be hard on the ankles if you do not do it correctly.

You will have to have a life jacket while skiing. You should also consider wearing pants made of polyester or spandex to protect your legs if you fall while skiing. The instructor will teach you what to do if a wave does show up while skiing. 

There are many more things you can do during your beach vacation, such as go hiking, have a picnic on the beach, play volleyball, and more. 

 For more information, contact a company in your chosen vacation spot that offers surf lessons.

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