Office Production Copiers And Printers

A production copier or printer is a piece of equipment that can handle large loads of printing. Either type of equipment can be used to create documents, booklets, pamphlets, and other types of literature or advertising. If you and your business colleagues are required to prepare duplicate copies of printed or non-printed material, consider purchasing a production copier or printer.

Copiers Versus Printers

A copier creates duplicate copies of content, without needing access to the internet. A printer that contains a copying feature can print content via the internet and can also make duplicate copies of physical documents. Your business needs will determine whether a production copier or a multifunctional production printer will be the better investment. High-production machines tend to take up more space than standard ones.

They also cost more than a traditional copier or printer. A production copier and printer dealer can provide you with a complete price listing for the products they promote. If you own multiple copiers now and they are all designed to perform basic functions, you could ultimately benefit by selling them and investing in a production unit that is designed to create a wide array of printed materials.

Print Quality And Accessories

A production copier or printer will be able to handle high-resolution print jobs. The photography that is added to a printed item can have a strong impact on your viewing audience. Envision yourself creating beautiful brochures, calendars, and other promotional items that contain realistic photographs containing a lot of detail. This type of imagery will exemplify the professionalism of your business.

A production unit can use black and white or color ink or toner. Some units may feature a binding or stapling feature, dual trays, paper stacking, punching, and cutting features, and even digital publisher capabilities. A binding or stapling feature will support the creation of booklets, manuals, and other reading materials that contain multiple pages. Dual trays will allow printed products to be dispensed on either side of a unit.

Paper stacking, punching, and cutting will aid with preparing products for print. Each paper item will be aligned neatly and will contain the dimensions that were programmed into the unit. A digital publisher may allow an end user to create digital copies of a publication and printed copies of the same publication. If you are going to be featuring online booklets and other reading materials, it can be beneficial to have access to both online copies and physical copies of the same literature. 

For more information about office production copiers, contact a local supplier.

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