Simple DIY Upgrades That Will Make Your Gun More Comfortable

As a gun owner, you need your weapon to feel comfortable when you want to use it. Uncomfortable guns can lead to poor accuracy and, even worse, injuries or accidents. Fortunately, you can make some relatively easy DIY upgrades to your gun to make it more comfortable and functional.

Here are three simple projects you can complete to ensure your gun is as comfortable as possible.

Replace Your Stock Grip

Replacing the stock grip on your gun with a custom-made one can make all the difference in the world. This is the part of your gun that makes the most contact with your hand, and having a comfortable grip can help you shoot more accurately while also reducing fatigue.

The grip should fit snugly in your hand and make it easier for you to control the weapon. Custom grips are available in various materials and finishes — from rubber to wood — so you can choose one that best fits your hand size and shape.

Get a Custom Buttstock

A custom buttstock can make your gun much more comfortable to shoot. The buttstock is the part of the gun that goes against your shoulder to help you keep the gun steady and on target with less effort. Custom buttstocks can be adjusted for length, making reaching the trigger and other controls easier.

Some custom stocks come with a recoil pad, which helps absorb the shock of firing your gun, as well as adjustable cheek pieces, which allow you to customize the height and position of your sights. These features can help ensure that your shots are more accurate and consistent.

Add a Muzzle Brake

Muzzle brakes are devices that attach to the barrel of your gun and help reduce felt recoil. This can make shooting more comfortable, as well as increase accuracy by reducing muzzle rise (the tendency of the muzzle to rise during recoil).

Muzzle brakes also help reduce noise and improve safety by deflecting gas and debris away from your face. This is especially important when shooting in enclosed spaces, such as indoor ranges.

Many muzzle brakes come with ports that can be adjusted to tailor the recoil reduction and noise suppression. The ports can be opened or closed as needed to adjust the performance of the brake.

Making these simple DIY upgrades can make a big difference when it comes to comfort and accuracy. With the right tools and some patience, you'll be able to make your gun feel like a part of you in no time. For more information on gun DIY upgrades, contact a professional near you.

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