A Custom Forestry Management Plan

A private forestry consultant or a licensed forestry contractor can help you develop a management plan for the wooded land that you own. A custom plan may include a map of your land, care strategies, and details that will help you attain the forestry goal that you have identified.

Forestry Management—Ongoing Efforts

Forestry management involves inspecting and pruning trees, treating insects, maintaining habitats for wildlife, harvesting trees, and planting saplings.

The amount of property that you own can influence whether or not you will need to hire care specialists to aid with maintaining the forested land that you own. If portions of the land will be developed in the future, additional resources may be needed to support the modifications that you intend to make.

A Professional Consultation

A private forestry consultant or a licensed contractor of forestry services can guide you in developing a management plan. The initial part of the management process involves having your land surveyed. A surveying process will identify the property boundaries.

Once the land has been surveyed, make an appointment to have a forestry consultant or a licensed contractor inspect the property. The initial inspection will determine how many trees are on your land. The professional who performs the inspection will record information that relates to the current status of the forested land.

Your Goal

Your input will be needed during the inspection process. Be prepared to describe how you intend to use the land. For instance, your main objective may be to learn more about wood harvesting processes.

If you would like to get started in this type of business, you may need guidance with timber management. Timber management involves choosing which trees to cut down and the method by which they will be transported from your land. 

Your Forestry Management Plan

You are not obligated to perform each step that is drawn up in your forestry management plan. The plan, however, will provide you with support and guidance as you work your way toward the goal that you have identified.

The proper care of the trees that you own is one of the main areas that you should focus on. Hiring an arborist or a tree care specialist will ensure that your trees remain healthy throughout each season.

If you ever decide to make modifications to the manner in which your forested land will be utilized, a new management plan may need to be prepared. 

For more info, contact local forestry management contractors

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